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All Aboard Miami!

Since my last post I have performed in Virginia Musical Theatre's Mamma Mia and Empire Stage's premiere of the original play Old Tricks. But now this holiday season I am performing in an unconventional setting yet familiar place, The Polar Express! I am making my return to the magical Christmas train that is taking place this time in my hometown of Miami at the Brightline station. I'll also be reprising my role as the Know it All. It is such a challenge performing in a single aisle on a moving train while also maintaining that high energy since we perform the same one hour show 3 to 6 times a day, but the overall experience is rewarding to see not only the children but also the adults faces light up as they experience this show as if each and everyone of them is the hero child on his journey to rediscover his belief not only in Christmas but also love and family.

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