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Taking A First Bite of TV

I just recently made my television debut in the upcoming National Geographic series "Something Bit Me". It is a series where in each episode they tell of a story involving a different animal attack and they have actors reenact the incident. In this episode, I play Abraham, one in a group of friends in a small town in Florida who decide to go out in a lake to swim on a hot summer day. While racing, my character notices a gator in the water coming straight for him and the others. But Fred, another friend who was ahead of them from racing, causes a distraction and lets the gator attack him and even sacrifices his own right arm to save his friends. It was an interesting and fun shoot day and first time being filmed in a professional setting. The production crew did everything they can to make us feel safe and comfortable from providing us with water and sunscreen to even making sure that the lake we were swimming in didn't have any real alligators in it. It was also a real challenge to maintain energy and conserve breathe cause I had to keep my head above the water, act, and swim for my life to the doc when the director yelled "ACTION!" for most of the takes. But in the end, it was an enjoyable experience and I hope this can lead to more like it. You can watch "Something Bit Me" when it premieres in the new year on the National Geographic Channel or Disney+.

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